10 Years & 10 Reasons for 10 Gallons of Apples

Got Apples? We need ’em!

We need help from you – our amazing GTECH community!

As we approach our 10 year anniversary, we are busy planning how to expand the reach and impact of our programming, continue to work with communities across Allegheny County to shape how land is used for shared benefit, and of course celebrate this important milestone.

But also, for our 10 year celebration, A Few Bad Apples has offered to create a special anniversary edition GTECH cider  —- if we can gather enough apples to do so!

We need to collect 10 gallons of apples in the next 2 weeks. Will you help us?

Here’s what you can do:


  • Call or email us to let us know where there is an apple tree that we can pick from or a farm that has excess, unwanted apples.


Here are 10 reasons why you should assist us in this ambitious but fun endeavor:

  1. A Few Bad Apples does amazing things with local produce that may otherwise go forgotten. Their cider is created in a very sustainable manner (hand-pressed by volunteers), it is exceptionally tasty (!), and they support a variety of local non-profits through their work.
  2. Transforming waste into something beneficial closely aligns with GTECH core beliefs.
  3. While you’re out scouting and collecting apples for our cider, you can be doing the same for yourself! Apples are a wonderful Fall treat.
  4. Picking apples is fun for the whole family (or neighborhood).
  5. You’re likely going to have so much fun picking apples that would’ve been wasted otherwise that you’ll be drawn to helping with similar activities at 412 Food Rescue.
  6. Local cider beats non-local cider each and every time.
  7. Apples pack a big nutritional value punch.
  8. Walking is good for your mental health.
  9. Walking is also good for your physical health.
  10. Cider is a perfect thing to put into your GTECH g jar!
Fill your g jar with fabulous local cider!
Please join us to help turn wasted apples into a celebratory beverage to commemorate 10 years of working with Allegheny County residents to improve their communities!

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