10 Reasons Why Pittsburgh Beer Lovers Should Go To Wet Hoptober

Here are 10 good reasons to attend Wet Hoptober Fest as told through memes. 

This original post appeared on beer-centric blog, Penny, Pints, Pittsburgh and is reposted with permission. 


1. The hops were grown on a vacant lot in Garfield that GTECH turned into a hop oasis…

sound of music final

Photo Credits- http://drafthouse.com/movies/the_sound_of_music_mothers_day_brunch_feast/austin

2. The wet hops were lovingly picked by real Pittsburghers’ hands…

Hop Hands final

Photo Credits- www.eastendbrewing.com

3. East End Brewing Co. is supplying the beer…enough said there


Photo Credits- http://frabz.com/2psi

4. Scott Smith and his fellow brewers stayed up waaaaay past their bed times to brew up batches of wet hopped beer


Photo Credits http://www.ghettoredhot.com/you-mad/


ermagerd final

Photo Credits-http://lolfunnymeme.com/ermahgerd/

6.  You can be a SCIENTIST and taste for yourself how the wet hops flavor changes the taste of your favorite EEBC brews- Pedal Pale Ale, Big Hop, and Big Hop Harvest Ale. For the name of science!!!


Photo Credits- http://screen.genius.com/Robot-chicken-jumping-gigawatts-annotated#note-570806

7. The Wet Hopped beers are only available for this event so if you snooze you lose…

Edited Soup Nazi

Photo Credit- http://www.themost10.com/10-most-hilarious-seinfeld-episodes/

8. Proceeds benefit a super awesome Pittsburgh Nonprofit Company- GTECH Strategies who is doing amazing things like turning unused land into vibrant hop fields…


 Photo Credit- http://memecreator.eu/meme/zpio2z

9. Brewing with wet hops can happen only once year so…Let’s enjoy it while we can!

the tank final

Photo Credit- http://www.ilovegoodbeer.com/sites/default/files/the%20tank.jpg

10. You can’t go wrong when these guys are throwing the party!

end end logoGTECHwigle name martys-logo



One more very good reason to buy a ticket to Wet Hoptober — they are selling FAST! So grab yours while they last.

Check out even more hilarious memes and beer-themed goodies at the Penny, Pints, Pittsburgh blog.


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