Waisenhaus Park

When Linda Wallen moved to Spring Hill in 1983, she noticed a large, empty vacant lot and wondered why nothing had been done with it. Almost three decades later, Riley Baker moved to the neighborhood with his young family and had the same thought. Both learned that the large vacant lot in their neighborhood used to be the site of St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Orphans’ Home. The lot, now owned by Spring Hill Civic League, is about an acre of relatively flat land enclosed by an old wrought iron fence. It is the ideal location for a small park.

Working as a team, Linda and Riley put their heads together with their neighbors and came up with a design for the lot that has something for everyone. They call it the Asylgärten Park (The Asylum Garden Park), though the name is yet to be set in stone. The design includes a picnic area, natural play space, pavilion for events, community garden and maypole. So many people had wondered about this lot that it was easy to get neighbors to jump on board with their idea.

The neighbors of Spring Hill have now completed the first phase of the project, including 6 new picnic tables, and a gardening area. Now they are beginning to work on the natural play space and other features of the project.

Spring Hill has little opportunity for residents and neighbors to meet each other and visit socially. At one point, there were social halls and gathering places for residents, but those are all long gone. I think that Spring Hill needs more opportunities for community building.

Riley BakerReClaim Northside Ambassador, Spring Hill