Biggs Hillside Garden

Nicole Flaherty is a resident of Fineview, a neighborhood nestled in the hills of the Northside. As its name suggests, Fineview has truly incredible views of the city. Nicole loves exploring her neighborhood with her family. In one of her many walks around the area, she found a vacant lot next to a set of city steps that she decided to reclaim as a quiet community space.

The lot was enveloped by several beautiful old trees, and edged on one side with City steps. Many years ago, a house burned down on the site, leaving an overgrown lot that burdened neighbors of the site with maintenance.

Throughout the summer of 2015, Nicole led several groups of volunteers to help bring her design to life, including neighbors, family, and young women from The Academy Schools. Volunteers pulled out weeds, created a pathway and open gathering space in the center, built a bench, installed fences, planted perennials, and built a Little Free Library.

In 2016, the mulberry trees on the lot were unfortunately cut down by Duquesne Light due to a problem with electrical wires nearby. The feel of the lot is very different now that the trees are gone, so the materials may be moved to a lot where they can be better appreciated. Stay tuned for updates!

I hope Fineview continues to grow. Grow in community events, population, new and rehabilitated homes and community gardens. It would be wonderful to see some more local businesses and restaurants also make a home in our community because they see the potential for growth and economic stability.

Nicole FlahertyReClaim Northside Ambassador, Fineview