Allegheny Mountains Lot

Matthew Yurkovich loves the great outdoors. He also loves his Northside neighborhood of Brighton Heights. As a way to connect his neighbors to the greater ecosystem that Pittsburgh is part of, Matthew came up with the idea of the Allegheny Mountains Lot. It’s a micro woodland and wildflower meadow full of native plants. The once nondescript vacant lot sits on a busy intersection in Brighton Heights. Matthew’s design transforms an unimpressive space into a garden with a purpose. The cobblestone-lined trail invites passersby to walk through the site and experience the Allegheny Mountains ecosystem. It’s also a native plant library — neighbors can gather seeds from the site for their own gardens. A Little Free Library sits on the site for anyone in the community to use. Stop by the intersection of California Ave and Benton Ave to check it out!

Community means being able to count on your neighbor and having a shared interests in where you live. When people realize they can help others by caring for where they live, it makes everything better.

Matthew YurkovichReClaim Northside Ambassador, Brighton Heights