Land Lab Series

Land Lab Conference Series

Spinning off from the successful city-wide Blight Bootcamp Conferences of the last two years in partnership with the Blight Working Group, Grounded Strategies is launching a series of Land Labs that will target the specific blight issues of a particular neighborhood.

What is Land Lab?

Land Lab is 1- or 2-day workshop, customized to provide community residents with the resources, tools, and information necessary to take meaningful action in addressing blight and vacancy in their neighborhoods. Based on your community’s interests and needs, Grounded will facilitate sessions that provide residents with the steps they can take to get started toward a healthy, green, and resilient community.

Through Land Lab, Grounded will train residents to use impactful technology for citizen engagement, promote opportunities for inclusive community planning and action, and take action on the ground with the PGH Mobile Toolbox.

Bring Land Lab to your community:

Grounded will work with you to create a Land Lab program that’s right for you. Based on residents’ interests and current community initiatives, we can piece together sessions that will provide meaningful information and outcomes. We strongly suggest starting every Land Lab with one or several of the educational workshops. This will give residents the chance to familiarize themselves with the root challenges associated with vacancy and blight.


Funding for this effort was made possible by the Colcom Foundation.