Turning Forgotten Places into Community Spaces

On today’s program: Grounded works with community members to breathe life into abandoned lots; get to know Shawnee chieftess Nonhelema; changes in Pennsylvania Republican party leadership could impact its approach to the 2020 elections; and a conversation with holiday performers who celebrate Christmas all year round.

Turning forgotten places into community spaces
(0:00 – 12:30)

Vacant and abandoned lots can be an eyesore and even bring down surrounding property values, but Anna Archer, policy project manager at nonprofit Grounded Strategies Pittsburgh, says it’s important that these lots don’t come to define their communities.

Formerly known as G-TECH, Grounded works in distressed and transitional housing markets with high rates of vacancies to reclaim unused land and give it purpose for a community. Archer works directly with residents who volunteer to care for vacant lots, like Kadijah Bey, who took over two nextdoor lots in 2005. She says stewardship is about personal pride.

“When I go outside my doors, I want to see beauty,” she says. “So in order for that to happen, I have to be a part of it.”

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