ReClaim McKeesport program revitalizes 10 vacant lots into green spaces

Henry “Hank” Gostkowski, 66, was approved as one of the ambassadors for the projects, which began in May. He planned to build a volleyball court in memory of his wife, Rachel, so that his granddaughter and other neighborhood children in the city’s 6th Ward could have a place to play.

Each of the 10 ambassadors were given a $3,000 grant for their project.

“I was lucky to be chosen as one,” Mr. Gostkowski said. However, the lot he wanted to build on was privately owned, so he gave up his spot so that another person could do a project.

Undiscouraged by the change of plans, Mr. Gostkowski, who retired from his business, K and R Cards in McKeesport, a few years ago, has become a hero to many of the other ambassadors because he has volunteered at all 10 sites.