Nonprofit becomes Grounded, announces new projects

Gtech Strategies will now be known as Grounded, and with the name change, the organization is beginning new community initiatives.

The 11-year-old nonprofit changed its name to better reflect its work and commitment to the communities it serves, according to a news release.

“This new name better reflects who we are. We are grounded in people, communities and change for good,” said Evaine K. Sing, executive director of Grounded, in a prepared statement. “By grounding our work in the communities we’re serving, we help motivated residents create solutions that serve their unique needs and ensure underutilized space is used to benefit the entire neighborhood.”

Three projects are underway with the name change:

  • GSI Project, or Green Stormwater Infratstructure, plans to engage residents to gather data and become knowledgable advocates for stormwater management, sharing information with Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority.
  • Green Playces Possibilities, focuses on adapting a previous initiative for outdoor play spaces to children with special needs and develop a replicable model working with Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Students with Exceptionalities for dedicated outdoor space for play and experiencing nature.
  • Community Care Pilot Program, launched in Homewood and expanding to Larimer later this year, enables residents to earn time credits after maintaining green and open spaces throughout the neighborhood that can be exchanged for resources like utility support, groceries, transit fare, training and more.

“It is our goal to meet people where they are to listen, learn and support however we can. By providing residents with access to knowledge, resources, tools and networks, communities are taking action and implementing change in the place they call home,” Sing said. “We hope to continue growing and evolving, and we’re looking forward to a new chapter and recommitment to our mission as Grounded.”