Gaining Ground: Grounded in Advocacy

Grounded is working to improve the condition of vacant lots by developing sustainable solutions that can
address the environmental and racial injustices currently entrenched in our property management system. The lack of a comprehensive and unified strategy to care for vacant lots disproportionately affects low-income communities of color. To learn more about the connection between vacant land, community health, and racial justice, check out our blog post, Black Neighborhoods Matter.

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The State of Vacant Land In Pittsburgh

Nearly a quarter of Pittsburgh’s land is vacant or abandoned property that is disproportionately concentrated in low-income communities of color. These communities have faced decades of disinvestment, experience an overshare of environmental hazards, and are under-resourced to tackle distressed vacant property. When neglected, vacant lots are linked to public and mental health consequences and a diminished quality of life for residents.  The practice of greening vacant lots (transforming vacant lots into parks, play spaces, green corridors, gardens, etc), adds immense economic and environmental value to a neighborhood. Even the simple act of providing intentional and ongoing maintenance to vacant lots can greatly improve the quality of life for nearby residents.

Grounded is calling for an end to discriminatory policies that perpetuate the concentration of distressed vacant lots in communities of color. We are calling for environmental justice. 

Grounded is developing our vision for the restorative transformation of vacant land in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County. We want to hear from you! Sign up to join our Advocacy Network and submit your feedback about our vacant land vision statement. If you are a part of an organization that is interested in partnering to improve the condition of vacant land in the Pittsburgh region, please reach out to We also invite you to share our vision statement in full by using this downloadable version.

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