Lots of Wildflowers

Grounded is working in partnership with The African Healing Garden and the Larimer Consensus Group to conduct a two-year study of a vacant lot in Larimer, exploring ways to use this space (as well as others in the future) to improve the ecological health and wildlife habitat of such spaces.

The project intends to beautify the community while exploring wildflower meadow and shrub/tree border plantings on urban vacant lots. Grounded has secured grant funding to plant and maintain the lots for at least 2 seasons. The project will help to establish new best practices for mid-term and long-term treatment of vacant land in the urban setting, with the potential to influence policy and maintenance practices at a systems level.

The proposed plan for the site includes (3) meadow test plots 30’x60’insize, separated by grass and clover pathways. The plots will test for variables including seed mixes, and maintenance intensity. Additional small trees and shrubs are planned for the front of the site to increase habitat, biodiversity, seasonal interest, and shade along the road.

As of June 2021, we officially broke ground at the Meadow Street site and started planting wildflower seed mixes including clovers, milkweeds, asters, goldenrods, and sunflowers. Throughout the summer we plan to plant more seeds as needed, work with our partners to determine a long-term care plan of the site, and provide any necessary maintenance to upkeep the site.