Talking Lots!

Talking Lots is a podcast series that explores the issue of vacant lots in Pittsburgh. We present stories of vacant land restoration and activation as told through the voices of residents, community leaders, partners, and officials. Vacant lots are often overlooked but these stories prove that beautiful things can happen when we take care of the land that surrounds us.

Episode 1

In this interview, social worker, urban farmer, and community activist, Lisa Freeman, discusses her vision for vacant land in her neighborhood. Lisa describes how she transformed a neglected vacant lot into the  Manchester Growing Together Farm and Freeman Family Farms, providing fresh produce, a safe haven, and training opportunities to her community.

“Building up a community–that matters to me. Bringing up a community that cares for one another–that matters to me. To speak out when I see something wrong, that matters to me. We all have a voice, we all have a responsibility, we all have a right to say–this is not right. That means something to me.”  -Lisa Freeman

Listen to Lisa’s interview on Talking Lots.

Jah and Lisa recording the first episode of Talking Lots!

Episode 1 Transcript

You can also learn more about Lisa’s urban farm in her blog post feature!