ReEnergize Program

The goal of ReEnergize Pittsburgh was to increase the demand for energy efficiency services in Allegheny County. Starting in 2011, the ReEnergize Pgh program consisted of both a Coalition of service and utility providers and government agencies addressing policy issues and programming directly in communities.

2014-2015 Energy Efficiency Outreach Ambassador Program 

The 2014-2015 ReEnergize Pgh Ambassador Program took place in four communities, Hazelwood, Homewood, Millvale and Uptown. With a team of three ambassadors in each community serving as outreach coordinators, educators, and motivators, educational sessions and community events were held throughout the fall and winter of 2014.

Energy Efficiency Competition

A neighborhood vs. neighborhood energy reduction competition between Millvale, Hazelwood and Homewood took place throughout the course of the winter. This competition, based on the research showing that competition is a driver of energy efficiency related behavior change, aimed to reduce energy use by up to 10% amongst participating households.

2013 ReEnergize Ambassador Program

The first iteration of the ReEnergize Ambassador Program was held in 14 communities throughout Allegheny County. In each, one Ambassador was chosen to represent their community. These Ambassadors were responsible for facilitating energy efficiency related events in their communities, and for organizing energy efficiency blitzes, where Ambassadors passed out energy efficiency related tools and materials in the participating neighborhoods.

ReEnergize Community Action Plans (ReCAPs)

Each community participating in the 2013 Ambassador cohort received a community action plan that encouraged community-wide energy reduction through community specific energy efficiency planning and programming. The action plans are intended for use by partner organizations and stakeholders, and will be used as a vehicle for further ReEnergize Pgh Coalition engagement in order to develop and add depth to current energy efficiency programming.