Hops on Lots

Testing innovate vacant land strategies is at root of ReClaim activities. This project brought hops within Pittsburgh city limits and enabled us to have locally grown and produced beer! Garfield has an active community dedicated to revitalizing their neighborhood despite their high vacancy rates and limiting topography. The Garfield Hops Projects brings new biodiversity to their already flourishing urban agriculture initiatives and creatively utilizes their hillsides. In collaboration with the Hops Project, Garfield Community Farms, and East End Brewing Company this project broadens Pittsburgh’s agricultural sources, engages community residents and urban farmers, and produces a feedstock for locally sourced beer.

We grew Chinook, Cascade and Mt. Hood hop varieties as part of the project and harvested enough hops in its first growing season for 3 barrels of East End Hop Harvest. The beer was excellent.

We did the project for two years. The hops were used in our Wethoptober event. We eventually transitioned the project to Garfield Farms.