Grounded GSI: Hazelwood

The Grounded Strategies Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Project uses green solutions to address pressing stormwater issues and community needs. We seek to understand the types of GSI features desired in communities and how they can be used to create creative community spaces while reducing stormwater runoff. The goal of the GSI project is to reduce the number of combined sewer overflows occurring while also achieving community co-benefits. This is achieved by using green solutions to capture stormwater while creating valuable community green spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Most importantly, our GSI projects serve as a touchstone and catalyst for broader outreach and education around stormwater management best practices, environmental justice advocacy, and community placemaking.  Throughout the Grounded GSI project in Hazelwood, we will recruit and train a new cohort of Stormwater Ambassadors, implement the Community Stormwater Survey, analyze and share results of the survey, convene residents to share their personal stormwater  stories at community roundtable events, and demonstrate how GSI can be integrated into community-scale greenspaces through demonstration projects.