CommunityCare Larimer

Grounded launched the CommunityCare Larimer Project in 2018. Due to the high concentration of vacant lots (there are approximately 685 vacant lots located in the neighborhood), the CommunityCare program was adapted to focus on cleaning up vacant lots. Through the program, 5 participants were recruited that went through a series of workshops in order to adopt 9 vacant parcels throughout Larimer. These sites have been transformed into green spaces that have a small flower bed feature. The stewards actively maintain their assigned parcels throughout the growing season.

Throughout 2019, Grounded worked with the community stewards to beautify and maintain the parcels they’d adopted.

The program has been so successful that a few of the stewards have decided to take on additional parcels during the 2020 program year, expanding the area of well maintained greenspace within their community, and driving back the unkempt appearance generated by disinvestment.

Funding for the CommunityCare Larimer Project was provided by the Katherine Neeb McCrady Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation. 

Larimer Stewards

Dorisa King
Michael Hoehn
Tab Duckett
Carlo Taylor