Activating Sherwood Forest

Hosanna House, Inc. sought to further develop their Sherwood property, a 14-acre green space in Wilkinsburg.  Through Activating Sherwood Forest, Grounded partnered with Hosanna House staff to develop educational modules for environmental- and play-based learning activities. The developed modules were used with after-school and summer program students in Sherwood Forest.

Grounded used our knowledge and experience educating and playing with youth outdoors to curate 4 different modules of curriculum using lesson plans from world-renowned collections of environmental education lessons. The modules were:

Module 1: Observations in Nature

In this module, students used various senses to make observations of patterns in the Sherwood Forest environment.

Module 2: Plants & Trees

This module included lessons related to the flora of Sherwood Forest, including learning tools for identifying the plants and trees that surround them.

Module 3: Animals and Insects

In this module, students learned about the creatures that surround them and what their habits and relationships are like. Students also learned about the identification of some of the common fauna of Sherwood Forest.

Module 4: Caring for Our Environment

By learning about environmental systems like the water and air cycle, students learned tools for reducing their impact on the environment and contributing to making Sherwood Forest a healthy ecosystem.