Unity Consultants

GTECH engaged Unity Consultants in 2014 to help inform our organization’s growing investments in human capital. Unity’s comprehensive approach to stakeholder engagement, deep knowledge base and clear commitment to our success enabled a process that allowed for a new frontier in how we approach our work. Results were strategic in nature but grounded in pragmatic application reflecting the team’s dynamic and diverse competencies.

As a social entrepreneur, Fred Brown founded Unity Consultants (UC) in 1997 with a focus on addressing gang violence and bridging vulnerable youth with academic pathways that transform their lives. In preparing for the 21st century global change, UC began to shift its paradigm,with the goal of connecting vulnerable populations with resources that prepare participants to emerge into the 21st century as skilled practitioners, organizations, and citizens. Serving as a 21st Century Environmental Justice Leaders, UC used community-based resources to act as a transformational bridge, shepherding organic organizational growth. Our team of professionals review broken systems, creating strategies that enhance operational capacity; leading to stronger institutions and improved neighborhoods through a lens of sustainability.