Skylar Randolph

ReClaim Clairton Ambassador

What we see depends mainly upon what we look for. Outsiders see a struggling community with various vacant lots, Ambassadors see potential growth and opportunity. I want the Clairton community to know that this is OUR HOUSE – its time to seize it and make it amazing.

What is your favorite thing about Clairton?

My favorite thing about Clairton is the city pride that the community has. If the city prospers, everyone else does too.

What inspired you to be an Ambassador?

I was inspired to be an Ambassador for the children. Growing up, I was proud to be a Clairton Bear. I want the same for today’s youth.

What specific changes would you like to see in your community?

I would like to see the business district thrive. Further, I would like to see the ones who do not believe in this community regain their faith and interest.