Linda Piso

ReClaim South Ambassador, 2014

Like a true Pittsburgher, Linda left for a number of years, only to boomerang back to the ‘burgh. She is excited to see her Library being more active and plans to partner with them to create a community garden. Her hope is that it will bring together different groups of neighbors (including her newest neighbors from Bhutan) together to socialize, work and eat together.

ReClaim South Sustaining Momentum Ambassador, 2015

2015 Linda Piso

As a resident of Knoxville, Linda is inspired by the great potential that her neighborhood possesses.  She treasures her memories of what Knoxville used to be and has a clear vision of what it can become. Her project, located right behind the public library, is an excellent example of the good things happening in Knoxville. Linda hopes to develop a partnership with the Library’s summer programs to encourage children to start a garden on her site. 

For her project enhancements in 2016, Linda is looking forward to giving her garden beds a much needed face lift, literally! The ground has settled and her beds need re-leveling. She also intends to partner with her neighboring homeowners to collect rainwater from their roof to use in the garden. She will need tons of water for her beds full of tomato, pepper, and basil plants! Later this summer, she is expecting to host a pasta sauce cooking and canning class in partnership with the Knoxville Library, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for updates!