Corinne Brooks

Reclaim Clairton Ambassador

“I didn’t choose Clairton… Clairton chose me, and now that I can help, I plan on being a voice for our community, not only to beautify Clairton but to make Clairton feel loved again!”


What is your favorite thing about Clairton?

My favorite thing about Clairton is the fact that it is so close knit and everyone knows on another.

What inspired you to be an Ambassador?

Me having children and wanting better for them in their community! I want them to be able to be passionate and to actually take the community seriously. I want something to keep the children safe and out of trouble!

What specific changes would you like to see in your community?

I would like to see there be more projects implemented for the children of our community. I want to get everyone eventually involved with their neighborhood.