Anton Jackson

Reclaim Clairton Ambassador

“Clairton is like an Expired Phoenix, perished in its own ashes, but is destined to rise again better than before”


What is your favorite thing about Clairton?

My favorite thing about Clairton is that Clairton has a lot of potential to be a great thriving town. With its close community bond and the right group of people, Clairton offers nothing but opportunity to its residents.

What inspired you to be an Ambassador?

I was inspired because I would like to be a part of the uplifting of a community that my family can grow in and we can call home.

What specific changes would you like to see in your community?

I would like to see economic development, social outlets for the children to release their energy, beautification for the residents and visitors, all harmonizing to make Clairton thrive.