Troy Hill Vacant Land Assessment

In 2010, the Troy Hill community completed a neighborhood-wide plan outlining priorities for future redevelopment. The community plan identified the utilization of vacant lots as a community priority. Since greening strategies are based on current site conditions, GTECH was asked by the community to assess and provide the following deliverables to assist with vacant land utilization:

  • Data collection and analysis
  • Site assessment and evaluation
  • A menu of possible green strategies for sites ready for short-term or long-term transition
  • Identification of one site for implementation

Through data collection and analysis, GTECH identified Troy Hill’s current vacancy issue, and informed the community that unlike some Pittsburgh neighborhoods Troy Hill is not facing significant levels of vacancy. However, the community is dealing with many recent demolitions and is concerned about the growing number of vacant lots. e community is also dealing with many abandoned and blighted lots being too sloped for possible future greening strategies.