T1i Block Cluster Plan

Operation Better Block created a learning lab for parcel-level application of state law enabled tools for vacant property redevelopment. The initial learning lab concept paper, completed by Irene McLaughlin, J.D., projected a 3-year time frame. This learning lab represents a collaboration between McLaughlin and OBB to analyze OBB-derived parcel-level property and resident data to determine the most appropriate legal tools to apply to individual parcels. The target area for the first learning lab is referred to as T1i.

Though the T1i learning lab began as a collaboration focused on policy, legal process, and resources, it was also determined that a creative partnership could be useful in the community visioning process. Based on existing design plans for Homewood, residents felt their input on the very specific block cluster on Tioga Street were missing from larger scale plans.

GTECH hosted a series of interactive workshop and a planning process so residents could share their vision for the smaller study area. The goals of the project were to engage residents in the process, solicit and record feedback about the cluster, and translate those thoughts and concerns in a visual way.