Lots to Love: Resources for Action

Lots to Love: Resources for Action provides the tools, technical know-how, and network opportunities for the neighbors making a positive change in their communities. This set of resources includes The PGH Mobile Toolbox, Land Doctor consultations, and Refresh Fund, all of which are hosted on the lotstolove.org website.

PGH Mobile Toolbox

A mobile trailer packed with all the landscaping tools needed by residents to actively maintain community open space. This free resource can be reserved online and is hauled to and from a project site at no cost.






Lots to Love Online

A guide for community organizations and residents who are interested in transforming vacant lots into well-loved spaces. It acts as a centralized resource to find, activate, and maintain vacant land within the greater Pittsburgh region. Users will also find information about other folks working to green their neighborhoods, and opportunities to share their stories.





Land Doctor Hotline

A community project consultant, the Land Doctor provides direct assistance to any resident looking to access, reclaim, and transform vacant land in their neighborhood. Through a vacant land ‘hot-line’ and in-person meeting, the Land Doctor is available to help residents navigate all the steps involved in implementing a green space project, including outreach, design, assessment, access, and execution.




Refresh Fund

A dedicated fund for supporting resident greenspace leaders with the materials they need to steward their projects year after year as they grow into thriving and self-sustaining community assets.