Healthy Homes Incentive Program (HHIP)

Health problems created by poor indoor air quality can be mitigated by a well performing, energy efficient home. Let us help make energy efficiency improvements easier and less expensive for you to take advantage of in Allegheny County.


Navigating the energy efficiency market isn’t easy. Let us use our expertise to connect you to trustworthy contractors and financing options available near you.

  • Free expert advice navigating the home energy efficiency marketplace
  • For home energy efficiency investments of $5,000 or more, we will provide up to an additional $2,500 for even deeper improvements
    • Home located in Allegheny County
    • Owner-occupied single family home
    • Non-smoking household
    • Provide up to 13 months of utility data*
    • Invest a minimum of $5000 towards energy efficiency upgrades of $5,500 or more


      You must meet all of the following requirements to be considered for participation in the Healthy Homes Incentive Program

Our HHIP program worked with homeowners to address energy efficiency or home health issues that affect indoor air quality.  This program worked with 100 homeowners throughout the county to help decrease CO2 as well as increase the quality of indoor air pollution.

To date our program has been contacted from a hundred and two homes have completed an audit since the launch of the HHIP Program. Seventy-one households have completed the program and the compiled audit reports estimate that each home will average 30.5% of energy savings with each homeowner saving on average $990 a year in energy costs. All the retrofits to date may prevent a total of 282.8 tons of Carbon Dioxide from entering our air annually. This is roughly the equivalent of planting 7,329 tree seedlings, or 268 acres of forest.   To date 4,180 mBTU’s were saved from the twenty-four homes completed.

HHIP Homes Completed as of July 1, 2016
HHIP Particpants in Allegheny County
Carbon Dioxide Saved from Program Improvements