Friendship Circle Rooftop Planting

In the spring of 2018, Friendship Circle engaged Grounded to install a rooftop planting scheme. The plantings completed a rooftop oasis for the building’s users. In addition, it created a desirable venue for weddings and other special events. Large, lightweight planters filled with bright greens, pinks, and Friendship Circle’s signature purple brought color, screening, and spatial definition to the rooftop. Wooly Pocket – soft pocket planters – made use of the the extensive fence area. Irrigation solutions included an automated drip system, gravity fed irrigation bags and a rain barrel that captures water from higher roof areas. These help to keep the space looking lush even when staff could not tend to the rooftop for days at a time.¬†Grounded had helped to design the rooftop layout during the overall building renovation and had also designed the furnishing and shade sail scheme. In addition to design and build services, we conducted educational gardening programs with the children in 2017 and 2018.