Friendship Circle Rooftop Garden Programming

In July and August 2016, we facilitated a gardening club with The Friendship Circle of Pittsburgh. The Friendship Circle is based in Squirrel Hill and works to unite children and young adults who have special needs with teen volunteers to grow and build friendships and enrich the lives of all who participate. Our COO, Evaine, had worked on the design for Friendship Circle’s new rooftop in partnership with Origin4Design as a member of a volunteer committee, and once it was completed they reached out to us to see if we wanted to help kick off the space by beginning to green it.

We led three sessions over the summer. In the first, we brought pots, soil, and bean seeds and showed everyone how to plant seeds and transplant herbs. The next day we focused on edible plants, and we picked herbs to put on pizzas. The third session took place a few weeks later, and we checked on the progress of the bean sprouts and learned about the different parts of a plant.

Stay tuned as we continue to help them finish the space with additional amenities and programming.