Rest for the Weary

Our ReClaim Ambassadors, Jawanna Warren and Janella Hamlin, have created a passive garden and seating area, complete with birdhouses, books and benches to help neighbors rest and rejuvenate during their treks through the neighborhood.

Project Description:

To date, Clairton residents have used this space as a common footpath even though it is in complete disrepair. Jawanna chose this site because she passes through it regularly. Her project helped to breathe life into the space by providing benches for resting and reading, a little free library, decorations, and beautiful planting beds.

This space is for anyone who passes through this corridor. The space is right near a bus stop and grocery store, making it useful for everyone. People can simply enjoy the space as they pass through or even take a rest and stay.

Workday Updates:

On May 31st, Landforce joined Jawanna and Janella to create the large planting beds that cover the site. A contractor was brought in to build a shade structure to cover the Ambassador’s newly installed bench and Little Free Library.

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