Clairton Corner Corral

The Clairton Corner Corral is a project by ReClaim Clairton Ambassadors, Skylar Randolph, Anton Jackson, and Donna Hudson. The CCC is a playground made with repurposed materials and several fun elements that are sure to be a big hit for youth in Clairton, and that will bring some much needed color and activity to the area.

Workday Updates:

On May 20th, community volunteers joined the Ambassadors for a day of tire painting, and laying out the site design.

On May 26th, the team dug out the pathways and play spaces, adding gravel and mulch surfaces to create the groundwork for the site. 3 picnic tables and 2 benches were installed to provide seating on the site. All of this work was completed with the help of the Landforce crew.

On a June 18th volunteer workday, we filled the planting beds and had 3 dogwood trees planted on the site.

The Ambassadors and GTECH staff returned to the site throughout the summer, July 21st, August 26, and September 2nd among other dates, to finish the installation of new amenities including; a climbing pyramid, hopscotch course, tic tac toe table, rain barrel, and little free library.

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