Clairton Community Garden

Our ReClaim Ambassadors, Toni Schley and Bikila Darden, tackled this existing community garden  in Clairton. They revitalized this place so that local families can come together to grow their own food. This space has laid farrow for quite some time, but this team of Ambassadors worked hard to get it back into operation!

Workday Updates:

On May 18th, Ambassador Toni Schley led the Landforce crew in the clean-out of the garden, the spread of 20 yards of mulch, and the preparation of all the garden beds for planting.

On June 15th, and throughout the summer, GTECH and the Ambassadors returned to the site to plant trees, build an accessible raised garden bed, and create fun features for the children of families who come to the site.

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As RECLAIM CLAIRTON Ambassadors for the garden we want to  promote healthy food production and community building.  We hope to improve community morale and a feeling of unity by providing a sustainable fresh food source while sharing knowledge on planting food.