Carnegie Library of McKeesport Parking Lot

When the Carnegie Library of McKeesport acquired a lot adjacent to their property, they were excited by the prospect of constructing a parking lot to meet their needs. The Library Board reached out to GTECH for design assistance, having been familiar with us through the recent ReClaim Ambassador program. Our designers assessed the site and presented a few rough options that looked at different circulation patterns and lot sizes. Once the 30-car design was selected, a plan for green stormwater infrastructure was also conceptualized. Local authorities we consulted on a plan which captures all of the new lot’s rainfall on-site through a series of grassy swales and rain gardens. The rain gardens will be planted with flowers attractive to pollinators like bees and other important insects. The series of three depressions in the lawn give water a chance to collect and infiltrate into the soil before overflowing to the large north lawn. The Library Board is excited by the prospect of using the stormwater infrastructure and rain gardens as a teaching tool for youth programs and the general community. Groundbreaking is expected in the spring of 2018.