Borland Green

GTECH’s first community-based project has transformed into a model for community gathering space. Located in East Liberty at the intersection of Black Street and Beatty Street, the project started on the site of old row homes that were demolished. After removing tons of rubble, tilling the soil, adding compost, planting both canola and sunflowers and installing fence, the site was ready for a more intense project.

In 2011, with community input from nearby East Liberty residents and from the Borland Cooperative, the site transformed into a permaculture garden and community space through the collaboration of Borland Co-Housers, East Liberty Development, Inc., Pashek Associates, Pittsburgh Permaculture and SEEDS. This space is now completely managed by local residents. GTECH is excited to see how it continues to flourish in the future. This project is a wonderful example of how temporary strategies can activate further community involvement in improving the condition of vacant land.