Toni Schley

ReClaim Clairton Ambassador

“ ‘City of Prayer’ – came form a time in Clairton’s history (1966-1975) when there was deep racism and race riots in the Junior and High School. It was discovered that students from Thomas Jefferson High School were coming in and ganging Black students. This caused the first exodus from Clairton schools. Prayer will bring in people who care about building Clairton back up.”

What is your favorite thing about Clairton?

Clairton has the number 1 coke plant in the world and the status that comes with a rich history. We look out for each other’s children here.

What inspired you to be an Ambassador?

You cannot complain if you are not part of the solution. I want to be part of the solution to Clairton’s problems.

What specific changes would you like to see in your community?

1. Recreation/community center & Grocery Store

2. Restoration of the city

3. More opportunities for work