Tom Tao

Summer Intern

My name is Sifan Tao, and people usually call me Tom. I am really excited to start my summer internship at GTECH. When I was in elementary and middle school, I loved labor skills classes. In those class, we learned to build our own shelves, chairs, and other interesting things. I have always had a passion for using my hands to build things that I like, and I believe that with GTECH my passion for building will also benefit the community we live in as well.

As a student from China, I came to Pittsburgh for high school and I hope to college in the states as well. I love Pittsburgh a lot and think it’s a great city. Pittsburgh is also very similar to the city where I’m from in China. I hope my summer internship at GTECH can make some changes in Pittsburgh, be helpful to building my skills, and beneficial to residents implementing projects.