Suzanne N. Photos

ReClaim South Ambassador, 2014

Suzanne has lived in her neighborhood for 38 years and has seen the changes that it has gone through. In particular she misses the former St. Joseph church and the sense of community there was when she was growing up. Through this program, she hopes to restore neighborhood togetherness and increase the number of those residents engaged in the community.

Click here to learn more about her project, GameStop at the Corner.

ReClaim South Sustaining Momentum Ambassador, 2016

2015 Suzanne Photos

Suzanne is highly active in her community of Mount Oliver City, she is a member of the Neighborhood Block Watch and Hilltop Alliance. Her favorite things about Mount Oliver City are the streets, alleyways, steps and vistas of her city.

As a returning ReClaim South Ambassador, Suzanne is ready to take on this next year of engagement and hopes her experience will inspire young people to follow through with their projects and instill pride within the community. Suzanne’s piece of advice for new Ambassadors is to network with others involved in ReClaim South and to conduct yourself with patience, tolerance and class.

Since 2014, Suzanne has already accomplished a lot on her lot. She has had the entire open space hydro-seeded, the front corner landscape with mulch and flowers, and installed a little free library. This coming year, she plans to plant more trees, and host a community wide gaming event! To keep up with Suzanne’s site enhancements and learn how to get involved, check out her page here.