Riley Baker

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“In my opinion, Spring Hill is a hidden gem on the North Side. It’s quiet and friendly with a diverse makeup of working class, professionals, city employees, young, old, black and white. I am constantly astounded at the pool of interesting people such a small neighborhood has.”

About Me.

I work in the non-profit sector, for Pittsburgh Cares. As the director of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, I spend my work days assisting older volunteers in finding the best possible match for their talents and time with other partner NPOs. However, my favorite role currently is that of father, to my daughter, Luna. My wife, Erin, and I love the opportunity to experience the world through her eyes, whether we are hanging at home having a family dance off, or out on an adventure exploring our world. Spending time together is my greatest source of happiness.

What challenges face your community?

Spring Hill is a wonderful neighborhood that is concurrently old and established, as well as attracting to young families that are looking to put down roots through home ownership. However, Spring Hill has little opportunity for residents and neighbors to meet each other and visit socially. At one point there were social halls and gathering places for residents, but those are all long gone. I think that my community needs more opportunities for community building.

What causes do you support?

I support social justice, equality, fresh air, real food, creativity, art, bicycles, animals, dancing, freedom of thought and getting dressed in the morning any which way you choose.


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