Masoud Sayles

Senior Program Manager of Land Stewardship Innovation

Pronouns: he/him/his
Masoud is a lifelong resident of the Pittsburgh Area. A graduate of Penn State University with a degree in Geobiology, Masoud passionately pursues his interest in permaculture design. Prior to joining Grounded, Masoud worked joyfully alongside gardeners at his local community garden, as well as finding employment propagating plants for a local neighborhood nursery. During this time, he worked alongside members of his community in creating various gardens and on trash cleanups, engendering within him an interest in both social and environmental justice. At Grounded Strategies, he is thrilled to be a part of a group that proliferates green spaces throughout Allegheny County. While on staff at Grounded, Masoud also obtained Sustainable Landcare Accreditation.

In addition to being a permaculture designer, Masoud enjoys reading, cooking, biking, hiking, camping, and various other outdoor activities. He enjoys various types of games, from pc and console to tabletop or card games. Masoud is also a huge fan of music, from hip-hop to classical, though his favorite genre is jazz. Masoud is deeply fascinated by the natural world and is especially intrigued by trees and the ecosystem services they provide.