Gavin White

Project Coordinator

Gavin grew up in Mars but is now thoroughly a Pittsburgher, graduating from the University of Pittsburgh with degrees in History and Architecture. He comes to GTECH by way of the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and splits his time between the two organizations. Prior to working for the Parks, he designed sets for film, installations, performances and other events in collaboration with artists from all over the world. He is generally interested in spaces and places: How do they define us? How do we best shape them? What does it take to make and maintain them? At GTECH, he applies these skills and passions to help communities own, improve and respect their environment.

When he’s not on the job, you might find Gavin working on his home or his art in Hazelwood. If he’s not there, he’s probably exploring some half-forgotten part of the city, or just sitting somewhere deep in the woods, listening.