Breeonia Prioleau

Green Playces Intern

For Bree, joining GTECH wasn’t a hard decision. She recalls learning about GTECH on a sunny afternoon in the spring of 2015. She was attending Propel Andrew Street High School and had stayed after school to run her club for video games. Just as she was packing up and about to leave, Bree’s Biology teacher pulled her aside and asked about her summer plans, to which Bree replied: “ I just planned on hanging out and possibly getting a job.” That’s when the teacher informed her of an organization called GTECH Strategies and how they were looking for summer interns. A few weeks later she was in!

Previously, Bree interned with a few other programs around Pittsburgh. One of her favorites though was working with the LGBT+ theater company Dreams of Hope. There she was an actor as well as a member of the art team, which helped create the puppet show and some other art within the show. Some of the other places Bree has interned are the Heinz Endowments, 412build, and 2steps2work. No matter where she was at, Bree always centered on art and community engagement.

Want to know something that most people don’t know about Bree? She may not look it but she is a huge Law & Order and Bones fanatic. She’s watched every season of Law & Order more than twice and every season of Bones three times. She has even met some of the actors from Law & Order, like Tamara Tunie and Dann Florek.