Ariana Allen

GSI Intern

Ariana Allen is a recent graduate of Oakland Catholic High School who is now entering her first year at Chatham University’s Falk School of Sustainability and Environment.  Since she was a child, Ariana has always had a love and appreciation for animals and the environment. As a kid, she’d almost always be outside playing in the dirt with her two younger brothers or going fishing with her dad.  Seeing the impact humans are having on the environment inspired her to do her best to make a change. Now, as an aspiring environmental scientist, she plans to put her passion to good use.

During her high school years, Ariana developed a passion for both the arts and the sciences, exploring everything from ceramics to physics.  She spent her time making pottery, painting, woodworking, programming, working on the computer in CAD and in the shop with CNC machines. Now she plans to combine her love for these things to help find solutions to the problems facing the world today.   

When she isn’t painting, sketching, or on the pottery wheel, you can find her working outside on her family’s garden, cooking, playing with her dogs, or hanging out with her ball python.