Youth Reclaim Wilkinsburg

Through our Youth Engagement Efforts, Grounded works with youth from different partner organizations across Allegheny County to transform vacant and under-utilized land in their community.

This creates a culture of curiosity for the youth and residents of communities who live in spaces with high concentrations of vacant land. This program serves as a tangible reminder of their power to change and redevelop their environment.

Through the Youth ReClaim PGH curriculum, students learn the process of decision making, designing, planning, and building green spaces for their community. It has a high impact on the community giving residents a safe space to reside within their neighborhoods. Also being financially and environmentally conscious, we use reclaimed, refurbished and donated materials to alleviate financial duress and our carbon footprint allowing everyone to freely enjoy their natural, outdoor environment all while connecting with each  other.

This initiative not only is one of community building but it shifts the narrative that these neighborhoods are uncaring towards green spaces, and allows these neighborhoods a chance to create the space that they always wanted for themselves and for their youth.