Kuwame Kinsel

Project Associate

Grounded staffer, Kuwame is a native of The Hill District and lifelong resident of Pittsburgh. He is a graduate of the 2011 class of Schenley High School, coincidentally this was the last graduating class. During the transitions of those four years, he developed a passion for being involved in his neighborhood and those similarly underserved and disinvested communities. This sparked a commitment to join organizations like Bike PGH, Assemble Gallery, BOOM Concepts and others whose missions focus on education, art, culture, community infrastructure, housing, and youth engagement. Following those interactions, he began attending free seminars facilitated by community groups like Neighborhood Allies, The Good People’s Group, the Larimer Consensus Group and The Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation. The information gleaned from the seminars increased his thirst for knowledge pertaining to individuals and grassroots movements to better equip the community to utilize resources available. That in turn, led to him being a Generation Next recipient for leading training and classes on various topics as well as “Educator of the year” at Bike PGH for being an outstanding instructor and mentor.

In his spare time, Kuwame is an avid cyclist and street art enthusiast.