Eleni Contis

Project Manager: Design & Place Making

Pronouns: they/them

Eleni Contis was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  They attended The Ellis School, where they developed a passion for studio art and art history.  They went on to earn their Bachelor of Architecture and Bachelor of Fine Art degrees from Rhode Island School of Design.  This past year, they completed their bachelor’s thesis examining the American burial industry and its spatial implications in the built environment.

As a designer, artist, and educator, Eleni seeks to ground their practice in community engagement, public process, and mentorship.  They are passionate about creating accessible, open-source strategies that empower communities to combat the systemic issues facing Pittsburgh today.  At Grounded, Eleni is excited to create resilient design interventions that promote resident health and well-being.

In their free time, Eleni enjoys biking, reading in the park, and making art.