Ashley Jones

Pronouns: she/her/hers
She started her career in renewable energy and energy efficiency, spending much of her early career in behavior change as it relates to energy consumption. Ashley became very interested in the behavior and change management aspect of her work and fully shifted to change management consulting, where she has been for the past three years or so. With Deloitte, she helps organizations navigate “people change”, be it due to system implementation, strategy or process changes, or changes to the way employees learn.

She has followed Grounded since entering graduate school in 2011 and was impressed by the way the organization tackled local environmental and social challenges simultaneously. The passion of the employees, board, and ambassadors was inspiring and the work they were doing collectively was really making an impact in Pittsburgh. Ashley knew she wanted to be part of that energy and the organization’s cause, and am so excited to be able to contribute as a board member.

Ashley is inspired by the people at Grounded. Their accomplishments are no small feat – its success and longevity are a direct result of the care, passion, work, and research of the people who have built Grounded, and continue to help it grow.

In her free time, she loves to be outside! It may be walking her dog, camping, golfing, or just hanging out in her front yard. If Ashley is outside she is happy (excluding rainy and polar vortex days). She also enjoys a good drink, good food, time with her friends, parents, and five siblings, traveling the world with her husband, and Netflix binging on her couch.